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I'm Chocolabear Fumiko. My greatest dream, is to be a, COSPLAYER someday. I post random things about fashion. and my life experience, I idolise Kim Jaejoong and Tsubasa Masuwaka.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011 | 4:57 PM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
Ok. First I want to thank my GOOD friend [info]mrschangminshim for CREATING this Awesme Banner and Background. I'm so touch like I'm nearly going to -->  . Because she made this Banner and BG for me. WITHOUT making me PAY .  Haha PEACE . Another thing why I really should thank her because as ALWAYS, I forgot my password AGAIN  here in LJ, it sucks you know because I always forgot my password here in LJ that's why I always end up in making  new acc. I'm so --> .  Thanks to her because she knows my PW here in LJ , she reminds me what my password is.

A/N: Maybe you're wondering why the F did I tell her what my password is. I have two reasons.
  1.  Because she need to open my acc. so she can make that banner and BG thing.
  2.  Lastly, because if ever I forgot my PW (time like this) I can easily ask her what may PW is because she always remember anything that I told her  *so smart*

By the way,

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